USoft Webinar - Smarten your business process


Webinar: Automate the 'rules of the game' instead of the process


How you can make data and business rules work for you
During this 45-minute session, USoft’s CEO, Hans Canisius, and Senior Software Developer and author of the book ‘SBVR Made Easy’, Rob van Haarst, will update you how to use business rules to lay a rock-solid foundation for sustainable business applications:

  • How do business rules and processes complement each other?
  • What do good business rules look like?
  • Why are they so useful?
  • How can you make software simpler, more agile, more robust by thinking in terms of business rules?

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Simplicity is key in a rapidly changing market, with rapidly changing needs – and where time to market is increasingly essential to the success of organizations, like yours.

Business rules are the beginning and end of everything you do in every business process; they are the rules of the game, preconditions, and conditions you use, the rules of conduct of what your organization has to do to deliver value for the customer.

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